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I began my cycling journey around two years ago. I was looking for a new bike, and a friend recommended getting a road bike, one with those fancy curved handlebars. You won't regret it, he said. So I went into a bike store and walked out with a Cube Nuroad Race and 1400€ less in my pocket. I jumped onto it and rode home in the little chain ring because I had no idea how those road bike shifters worked.

Fast forward two years and almost 20 000 km, I decided it was time for a new frame. The old one still is in great condition, but it can't keep up with my growing demand. It was time for something faster. After extensive research and well over half a year awaiting availability during the COVID-19 supply chain crisis, I finally got the chance to buy a Canyon Aeroad and pulled the trigger.

  • Canyon Aeroad
    Canyon Aeroad

It's everything I wanted from a road bike. It's lightweight, stiff, made of carbon 1 and comes with great components out of the box. At 3800€, it's no bargain, but still good value for money if that's even possible. I've already put well over 5000 km into it and must say that I love it.

  1. An annoying thing I noticed regarding carbon is that some traffic lights use induction loops to detect cars standing upon them. I never had problems with these using my aluminium bike, but some of them are poorly calibrated, which results in awkward situations where I either have to take a shortcut or let some cars pass to get a green light. ↩︎