Rossfeld Panorama Road

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A couple of weeks ago, I visited a friend in Munich for some long-overdue cycling. We used the 9€ ticket to its fullest extent and visited the Bavarian Prealps on the second and Salzburg on the third day. Coming from a pancake-flat area of Germany, it was nice to see actual mountains and climb something higher than a few hundred meters. For context, the highest climb I did until this summer was a mere 170 m of elevation gain.

The ride starting from Salzburg was front-loaded with a 1075 m climb up the Rossfeld panorama road. It's categorized as hors catégorie, which stands for "beyond categorization" and denotes the most difficult climbs in cycling races. An average gradient of 10% over the last seven kilometers, an undergeared cassette and tired legs had me standing some of the time to prevent coming to a grinding halt. I'm a little disappointed with my performance of 261 W and three short breaks, but that was the best I could do at that point.

It was an amazing experience and produced the best picture of me on a bike.

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