The Grind

· 1 min

It has been two months since the last progress report, and the only things I managed to implement were classes and bound methods. drizzle doesn't even support inheritance. Classes are just empty husks used to store data and methods.

class Vector:
  def init(x, y):
    this.x = x
    this.y = y
  def length():
    return (this.x ** 2 + this.y ** 2) ** 0.5

var vector = Vector(2, 4)

var length = vector.length

I also bought a new road bike and guess what: cycling up to 600 km a week keeps just enough energy in the tank to be somewhat productive at work and fall into bed at night. A few chapters were remaining in Crafting Interpreters, but those were long and every bit of tinkering felt like a grind. I managed to work through them in the days following an unfortunate crash. Rest in peace 700€ in equipment, and shoutout to my helmet!