Year of ...?

ยท 2 min

I listened to lots of Cortex podcast episodes over the last months. In some of them, the hosts CGP Grey and Myke Hurley discuss their yearly themes: year of refinement, year of order, year of novelty. A theme is different from a New Year's resolution. It's something broad that guides your decision-making. Something you can't fail at. Something that steers your life in a positive direction.

But what do I want to change in 2024?

  • I want to organize my brain. Recently, I switched from Google Keep to Todoist, and it's been awesome. My brain behaves much like an organic list processor, and features like sub tasks, reminders and due dates elevate my productivity to the next level.
  • I want to optimize my sleep. It's not bad at the moment, but being more strict with bed/wake times and establishing a consistent schedule for week days/ends would be beneficial. Most late nights occur when I have something on my mind I want to finish. It's never that important and could certainly wait until the next day.
  • I want to improve my training. Over the last years, I achieved good form mostly with volume. I adhered to a structured plan during winter but never transferred that to the outside world. This year, I want to perform interval sessions outdoors, stretch on a regular basis and, most importantly, do core work multiple times a week to combat my back pain.

I want to bring structure to my life. This will be the year of structure.